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Boeing probes sabotage

Thursday June 07 by Claudia bourne
Boeing Co. inspectors have discovered intentional wire damage on at least seven Boeing 737s at a company assembly plant in Renton, Wash., the company confirmed to CNN Thursday. The damage was found during routine service testing over the past two weeks. Boeing says it notified the FAA of the sabotage Tuesday.

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McVeigh Lawyers Appeal

Thursday June 07 by Claudia bourne
With his execution just days away, Timothy McVeigh's lawyers have asked a federal appeals court to overturn a judge's ruling that rejected the bomber's request for a stay. McVeigh's lawyers say they need more time to analyze more than 4,000 pages of evidence in the case just recently handed over by the FBI.

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Wall St. reconsiders techs

Wednesday June 06 by Claudia bourne
The technology sector has recaptured Wall Street's attention – at least for now – as investors Wednesday weigh company forecasts for the rest of the year and reports of further job cuts.Early signs pointed to a modest advance at the start of trading. The Nasdaq-100 futures pushed ahead, indicating a positive open for the Nasdaq market. Standard & Poor's futures were little changed, hinting at a flat start for the S&P 500 and Dow Jones industrial average.

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What Went Wrong?

Wednesday July 26 by Claudia bourne
The pilot of the doomed Air France Concorde that crashed just outside Paris insisted that the thrust reverser on one of the plane’s engines be changed before takeoff, the airline said today. The part was changed, Air France said in a statement. The thrust reverser was on engine number two, the engine suspected of blowing and causing the crash. “There was work done on the plane just before the flight and there was a flight delay. It was work on an engine,” said Francois Brousse, vice president of Air France corporate communications.

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Napster Shut Down

Wednesday July 26 by Claudia bourne
A federal judge shut down the trading of copyrighted music on Napster Inc. today, saying the online company was encouraging “wholesale infringing” against the music industry. Both lawyers for Napster and the recording industry made their cases today. The company’s lawyers say Napster lets music fans share material. The record industry says it’s copyright infringement. The Recording Industry Association of America wants a trial over whether the company violates copyright law.

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